Red Light, Green Light


Age                      6-8 years


Categories          Suitable for outdoor parties (as plenty of space is needed) 


Players                 6 or more


Equipment          Nothing is needed for this one!


Formation           Two lines are needed, one player (The Leader) is on one line (the Goal Line) and the other players are all on the other line (the Starting Line).


Game                   The children assemble as stated above. The leader then closes his/her eyes and shouts “Green light”. The other children upon hearing “green light” run towards the leader. When the leader shouts “Red Light” the children must freeze. Upon shouting “red light” the leader opens his eyes. Any player that he/she catches moving must return to the start. The leader then closes his eyes again and calls “green light”. The game continues in this way until someone reaches the leader and taps him/her on the shoulder. He/she then becomes the next leader.


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